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Guidance Resources & Tools you can Use

Our evidence-informed resources and tools are available for free.


Learn more about the guidance resources and tools (i.e., pocket maps) and how they were developed below. Then browse and download them for free. 


For SLPs and SLTAs (or CDAs) supporting autistic clients (0-18years).


We provide detailed information about

11 guiding principles:


  • Why is adopting the principle important?

  • Actionable recommendations for how to put the principle into practice 

  • How can I continue to ensure my practice is aligning with these principles? 

Each of the principles were co-designed with researchers, health systems leaders, community SLPs, family members of autistic people, and autistic adults. They were derived by synthesizing information from published policy documents and the scientific literature; and integrating knowledge and expertise from clinicians, caregivers, and autistic adults.

Download the entire document with all 11 Guiding Principles 


Select one of the guiding principles you're interested in and download it as a separate document 

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Pocket Guides are here to help you dive deeper into topics that you have identified as important (e.g., AAC, regulation, research evidence for parent mediated interventions), and to assist you to begin implementing the recommendations within the guidance document.

Our team has a number of pocket guides currently under development. Stay tuned! 

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Development of the Guidance Resource
Integrating: Client Voices. Family Voices. Clinician Voices. Research.

Using a collaborative action-research approach, Ontario SLP researchers (AB, JOC), and community partners (SLPs, parents, autistic partners, health system leaders) co-designed the guidance document framework. 


Each step of the guidance document development was guided by an equity, diversity and inclusion approach in an effort to ensure that the participants engaged, the content produced, and the guidelines proposed are relevant to diverse group of clients and families.


Evidence from research, lived experience and clinical experience was synthesized and recommendations were developed with consultation from SLPs, autistic individuals and parents. Several steps were taken during this process including:

(a) a policy document systematic review (Choi et al., 2023),

(b) reviews of research literature (e.g., Binns et al., 2023b; Denusik et al., 2023),

(c) consultation and collaboration with community partners, and

(d) a survey and interviews with the broader autistic community (Binns et al., 2023a).  

We aim to publish an additional peer-reviewed publication detailing the process of the SLP MAPs guidance document development, to ensure clear linkage of the guidance to the evidence (In preparation). 

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