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Guidance for Speech-Language Pathologists focusing on what Matters, Aligning values, and building Partnerships.

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Our work harnesses the collective wisdom of Community Speech-Language Pathologists, Researchers, Autistic Persons and Parents to:  

Promote more equitable services for autistic children and their families

Align SLP values with those of the autistic community

Support minorities within the autism community

​Provide current, evidence-based, helpful resources for SLPs and SLPAs 


Check out our up-to-date evidence informed tools you can use. 

We have created guides for SLPs to navigate the sea of information. 

Through co-creation, we hope to meet the needs of Autistic People by prioritizing their voices to shape the delivery of SLP services. 

Our work is inspired by our clients and their families – who deserve high quality and equitable services that will be meaningful to them. We are providing SLPs with tools and actionable recommendations created in partnership with SLPs, researchers and autistic individuals.

Meet the team!

ABinns Headshot.jpg

Amanda Binns


Project Lead. 

Co Principal Investigator


Janis Oram Cardy 


Co Principal Investigator

More great things coming your way!

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